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Transkryptor is the transcription / translation Company. We are the fastest and most precise on the market. First of all we care about quality, this is what makes us unique among others. Our transcription subjects spread across many fields, such as marketing, politics or entertainment. We work in Warsaw and other main polish cities.

Transkryptor quarantees you the confidentiality of entrusted materials, giving every individual Privacy Policy. During our servers use we give the full login and well secured password, frequently changed.

We also do Sound Processing, audio/video mastering, amplitude and compression processing, converting (DAT, VHS, DVD, VCD, SVCD, VOB, WMA, .mp2, .mp3, .mp4, .cda, .dbl, .sam, .wav, .iff, .svx, .aif, .snd, .txt, .cel, .vox, .dwd, .au, .ogg, .smp, .bwf, .pcm, .raw), hiss and nois reduction.

Recording of interviews and conferences. We can digitaly record your interivew into mp3/ wav/ WMA file or any other. Our offer includes digital audio-visual recordings into mp4/ avi or any other video format.  We do recordings of conferences, court's sessions, meetings, presentations, FGI, IDI interviews, lectures and trainings.

Multilanguage transcriptions and translations. We are offering Polish and English audio /text transcription and translation services. If you are interested in other languages like: German, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Spanish or French please visit us on transkryptor.com

Transkryptor Kudelski Communications - ph./fax 022-402-6430, 0600-991-671 - Nugat 7/64 str. 02-776 Warsaw Tax Identification Number 118-158-77-35. REGON 141250495. Transkryptor is the answer for the growing need to archive the audio - visual materials as transcriptions. Our services include transcriptions for Research Institutes, radio / television broadcasters and individuals. We are experienced in typing and editing. Every Transkryptor' document stands for quality and transparency. We've already worked for: